‘dalynn’: Musical Artist

Independent Musical Artist
Personal Project
October 2018 - Present

How can music serve
as a medium for
global connection?

To me, songwriting is documentation of our shared human experience, a proof that our lives are bound together by common threads and themes. Commercializing the songs I had written required close collaboration to curate a sound that felt authentic to who I was and what I had to say.
In doing so, I fostered a digital community where thousands across the world felt seen, represented, and less alone.


  • Content Creation
  • Project Management 
  • Songwriting
  • Logic Pro X
  • Procreate
  • Video Editing
  • Live Performance


  • Wrote, recorded, and released six singles: ‘thrifted youth’ (2018), ‘it rains in nyc’ (2019), ‘i hate this place’ (2021), ‘3:33’ (2021), ‘don’t talk about love’ (2022), ‘Thank God’ (2023), and ‘wherever you go’ (2024), in addition to the six-song EP ‘quietly’ (2020).
  • Collaborated with student producers Yash Deshmukh and Caleb Liu, as well as visual artist Lily Cheng, to create a cohesive body capturing the themes of each composition
  • Filmed, edited, and released covers, song rewrites, music and lyric videos, and music visualizers to YouTube channel


  • garnered 7 million Spotify streams, 1.7 million Soundcloud streams, and 170,000 Apple Music streams
  • reached 800,000 listeners on Spotify across 161 countries, maintaining 20,000 monthly listeners
  • YouTube channel ‘okdalynn’ accumulated 800,000+ views and 8,500 subscribers

album art, in collaboration with Lily Cheng.

Stanford, California